Marketing by the Numbers

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marketing numbers

Do you know if your marketing efforts are paying off? More importantly, do you know which marketing campaigns and channels are profitable and which are losing money? Marketing is one of the toughest areas to calculate return on investment. One of the reasons is because customers may have had contact with your company in multiple ways before they make a … Read More

5 Things Small Business Owners Can Do to Reduce the Risk of Employee Theft

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employee theft

  Many small business owners assume an employee would never steal from them because of the nature of close relationships at their small business. In addition, the majority of small business owners have never been trained on preventing loss from employee theft. Employees don’t just steal cash – they may be stealing inventory and materials that go into manufacturing, tools … Read More

Being Grateful

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being grateful

With holidays approaching, this is the perfect time of year to take a moment and reflect on all of the things we are grateful for. Being grateful may sound a bit trite, but it’s also the number one, hands down, fastest way to bring more positivity and less negativity into your work and life. Acts of gratitude are selfless and done … Read More

Defining Blockchain

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defining blockchain

Blockchain is a term that has been bantered about quite a bit when referring to the future of accounting technology. While its impacts are primarily long term in nature, let’s take a brief look to see what everyone is talking about. Blockchain is a technology that can store transactions. Some people have referred to it as a digital ledger. Unlike … Read More

Your Perfect Work Day

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perfect work day

How well do you love the way you spend your typical workday? What would a typical workday look like if you had absolutely no constraints? Here’s a fun exercise to get you thinking about your future and how you can make small changes in your current day to move it toward your ideal day. Get comfortable and begin jotting out what your … Read More

Training Fido to Fetch More than a Bone

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fetch receipts

While “fetching” might be what some trained dogs can do, accounting systems are getting into the act too. This relatively new feature is called “receipt fetching,”. It’s when an app can retrieve documents directly from the vendors that you do business with so you don’t have to spend so much time on paperwork retrieval. Apps that can perform receipt fetching … Read More

The Concept of Internal Control

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internal controls

Internal control is a very special phrase in the accounting profession. Tactically, it’s the set of processes that help a company produce accurate data throughout the organization, follow reporting requirements and laws, and maintain consistency and accuracy in its operations. Strategically, it’s an entirely new way of thinking and doing business. Internal control helps to reduce organizational risk. A blunt … Read More

5 Ways to Make Your Business More Efficient

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A great entrepreneur will always be on the lookout for ways to improve their business. Efficiency is a goal everyone wants to achieve when it comes to business.  It can translate into less work and more profits. Here are five ways you and/or your staff can become more efficient in your business. 1-    Get software-savvy. Do you use the same software … Read More

Should You Have a Financial Dashboard?

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financial dashboard

A quick glance at your car’s dashboard is all you need to check your fuel gauge, speed limit, engine temperature, and RPM when you’re driving down the road. Your car’s dashboard is designed to focus on what’s important and what you need to know to have a safe trip. What’s on your financial dashboard? Your car’s dashboard items, if they … Read More

How to Survive a Worker’s Comp Audit

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workers comp audit

If you have employees, you have the distinct honor once per year of being part of a worker’s compensation audit. You likely receive a form in the mail, an email request, or a phone call that will ask you about your payroll numbers and employees for the prior year. What is Worker’s Compensation? Worker’s compensation is an insurance program that covers … Read More