Our company, Wilkinson Pest Control, has been working with Spark Accounting since 2015. Their guidance and industry knowledge has proved to be invaluable. There were times when I needed an extra hand at bookkeeping or using QuickBooks Online and Julie Babcock went out of her way with her expertise, communication ability, and compassion to walk me through the process [and make it] as painless as possible. I am not one that enjoys QuickBooks.

Once we reached a certain revenue point of approximately $156,000, I handed our entire accounting needs to Julie and her well-qualified team, and our revenue has doubled since then. Spark Accounting provides us with quarterly financial reports, does our bookkeeping for nine accounts, introduced us to a payroll program (Gusto) that is painless and easy to use, prepares our W2 tax information, and files the necessary reports for our employee tax requirements to the State of Idaho and all while doing this, Julie and her team do it with a smile.

They provide the support and guidance necessary to help us achieve success through Profit First coaching. The idea here is to make sure we, as the owners, see profit before expenses to our company. This has helped us receive a more certain amount of pay and allowing the remaining revenue to pay for all the rest, payroll, equipment, and any remaining overhead, etc. I highly recommend utilizing Spark Accounting!