5 Features in Jobber You Can Use to Boost Your Profits

Jobber is software for small home service businesses that can help them organize their entire operation – from scheduling jobs and managing their crews to invoicing customers and collecting payments.

Let’s take a look at 5 features Jobber offers that can help boost profits in your service based business.

Customer reminders

Jobber can help you nudge your customers in the right direction a couple different ways:

Before the sale

Jobber can remind your leads when there’s a quote that they haven’t accepted.

Before the service

No one wants to drive across town and find out the customer isn’t there!  Jobber will send reminders via text message or email so your customers don’t forget you are coming.

After the service

Jobber can automatically remind folks when they still need to pay you!

Not only does this reminder help you boost your sales, it also improves your efficiency by taking some of the load off of your office team.

Customer Tags

There are so many creative ways to use customer tags.  A tag is a specific characteristic that your customers might share – type of service, their location or maybe property type.

There are lots of possibilities and here are a few examples:

  • Some of my clients use customer tags to target specific service areas – for example, they are headed out to a city and want to schedule as many service calls as they can while they are there.
  • Other clients use tags to track specific types of customers – for example, a carpet cleaning company that also offers dryer vent clean out can tag which clients purchase carpet cleaning vs dryer vent cleaning.

When it’s time for those dryer vents to be cleaned again you can market directly to those clients who previously purchased that service OR you might market to them to add on carpet cleaning during the same visit.

There are so many ways (and lots of flexibility) to track customer categories using tags. You can filter AND export your customer lists based on your specific tags in Jobber.  The sky’s the limit!

We’ve created a guide sharing 15 different ways to use tags in your own business to boost your profits.  Grab your FREE guide here: bit.ly/UltimateJobberTags

Track time for your employees

Statistics show that tracking time with a time clock can actually reduce payroll costs between 5-10%.

Using the Time Tracking feature in Jobber, your team can accurately log their time to the specific job they’re working on.

Reducing payroll costs isn’t the only plus with tracking time – you can also verify that your pricing is covering your true costs per job plus tracking the efficiency of team members on certain types of jobs. This allows you to assign the best team member for the job or provide additional training to those that might need it.

Added bonus – if you use QBO Payroll, your hours from Jobber Time Sheets can automatically feed to QBO – no rekeying necessary!

Make it easier to catch online shoppers

We’ve all done it.

You’re awake at 2 AM surfing the net and shopping for some kind of service.

You know you can’t call at 2 AM because no one will answer the phone, and even more likely, you probably don’t actually even want to talk to a real human at 2 in the morning.  BUT….there still should be a way to capture the information for those late night shoppers so you can turn them into a sale, right?

Jobber offers the ability to capture work requests from potential clients both on Facebook and your website 24/7.

Integrated marketing

Did you know that Jobber has a Mailchimp integration?  This allows you to send out email AND postcard campaigns to your clients.

Need to send out a reminder that it’s the season to put up Christmas lights?  Do it easily via a Mailchimp campaign!

Integration to Mailchimp can happen automatically so you’ll be ready to send out professional looking campaigns in no time.

Final Thoughts

Jobber software can help you organize your entire operation and I’ve shared five features that can really help boost profits for your home services business.

Are you currently using Jobber or are you interested in using it? Let me know in the comments!