Defining Blockchain

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defining blockchain

Blockchain is a term that has been bantered about quite a bit when referring to the future of accounting technology. While its impacts are primarily long term in nature, let’s take a brief look to see what everyone is talking about. Blockchain is a technology that can store transactions. Some people have referred to it as a digital ledger. Unlike … Read More

Setting Up Products and Services

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products and services

The products and services your business sells make it unique. The same thing is true of how these items are set up in your accounting software. Whether you’re using QuickBooks Online or something else, getting your products and services set up right can impact the quality of the information you can get out of your accounting system. Here are the types … Read More

Signs You Might Be Outgrowing Your Accounting System

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accounting system

If you’re struggling with your accounting system, it might be a sign that you’re ready for something new.  Perhaps your company has grown so much that it’s outgrown its older accounting solution.  Here are several indications to look for that justify moving to an accounting system with more features and scalability. User Permissions Some companies have a need to limit … Read More