Your Perfect Work Day

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perfect work day

How well do you love the way you spend your typical workday? What would a typical workday look like if you had absolutely no constraints? Here’s a fun exercise to get you thinking about your future and how you can make small changes in your current day to move it toward your ideal day. Get comfortable and begin jotting out what your … Read More

5 Ways to Make Your Business More Efficient

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A great entrepreneur will always be on the lookout for ways to improve their business. Efficiency is a goal everyone wants to achieve when it comes to business.  It can translate into less work and more profits. Here are five ways you and/or your staff can become more efficient in your business. 1-    Get software-savvy. Do you use the same software … Read More

Making Deadlines Can Save You Big Bucks in Your Business

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There are a lot of deadlines that come with running a business. Missing some deadlines can have serious financial implications to the health of your business. Let’s take a look at how much you’ll save by being on time with the following deadlines. Payroll One of the toughest deadlines of all, making payroll, is essential to keeping employees happy. Making … Read More

Five Ways to Ring in 2018

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new year 2018

Happy New Year 2018!  January is the month of new beginnings and a perfect time to strategize about projects that will boost your business prosperity. Here are five ideas to get you thinking about new beginnings for your business. Learn new technology Every year, tens of thousands of new online software applications are invented that will save us time and money. Learning … Read More

Get Ahead on Year-End Tasks

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year end tasks

Year-end is just around the corner. That means a couple of administrative tasks are necessary to take care of bookkeeping and tax chores. Here are a couple of tips to make year-end go smoother. Clean up tasks Things will go a lot smoother if you reach out to your vendors and employees and get their help to update your records. … Read More

Browser Productivity Tips You May Not Know

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browser productivity tips

If you spend a lot of time online using a web browser to view web sites or to work in online applications, then you may benefit from knowing these wonderful features about your browser software.  Here are some browser productivity tips. Bookmarks All browsers support bookmarks, and hopefully you are already using this powerful feature. Which web pages do you need … Read More

How to Beat Procrastination

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how to beat procrastination

Would you call yourself a procrastinator?  If so, you’re not alone, and with our to-do-lists growing daily, the percentage of people who procrastinate chronically has increased over the last few decades. There’s a difference between procrastinating and prioritizing.  Great entrepreneurs know how to put the most important tasks first. There’s also a difference between procrastinating and being overloaded with tasks; … Read More

The True Cost of Procrastination

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procrastination and productivity

Today we have a guest blog post from Lisa Crilley Mallis, Impactive Strategies, LLC I have been reading The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey and I LOVE this book. One of the experts he quoted was Tim Pychyl, who said, “Everyone procrastinates.” For the sake of this post, I’m defining procrastination as NOT doing the task you’ve set out to do, the one you’ve … Read More