How to Evaluate Your Marketing Spend

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One of the most important success factors of small businesses is the ability to generate revenue, and to do that, most businesses need to market their services and products to bring in new customers and sales. The challenge for small business is how to make their marketing dollars work the hardest, and this requires careful tracking and measurement. Here’s one … Read More

Spice Up Your Marketing with Storytelling

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marketing with storytelling

One of the ways to impact your marketing is by adding stories. Everyone loves a story and  compared to almost any marketing copy, stories are more memorable . Here are a couple of tips on how to use and place stories to share with prospects and customers. What a Story Is All stories need to be personal and evoke an … Read More

Is It Profitable to Blog?

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One of the many online marketing options available for businesses is blogging. A blog can act as a company’s daily newspaper, letting customers and followers know the latest news about what’s happening. It can also be a wonderful revenue-generator. As long as the content of your blog is relevant to your readers, you can post on a wide variety of … Read More

The Power of Influencer Marketing

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One of the hottest buzzwords in marketing this year is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing uses key people in thought leadership positions to spread the word about your brand.  These people may be paid or unpaid spokespersons for your brands, products, and services. The profitable thing about influencer marketing is the leverage.  Instead of marketing or selling to one person at … Read More

Five Digital Marketing Trends to Get More Customers

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Online marketing is a large component of marketing for many small businesses.  There are many aspects to online marketing that you’ll want to consider for your business.  Here are just five for your consideration. Content Marketing Content marketing is huge, and it consists of generating articles, blog posts, social media updates, white papers, videos, and other educational materials about your … Read More

5 Steps to Move Your Marketing into the 21st Century

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If it’s been a while since you’ve adopted new marketing methods, it might be time, especially if you want to attract younger customers.  Here are five ideas to do just that. 1. Video With YouTube as the second largest search engine, using video in your marketing is a slam-dunk return on investment.  If there is an educational aspect to your … Read More