Five Fun Customer Perks to Set You Apart in the Marketplace

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It’s always fun to surprise and delight your customers. This puts a smile on your client’s face, boosts loyalty, and is fun for your employees too. Here are five ways to surprise and delight your customers with inexpensive perks.   1. Handwritten thank you note.   Email and social media have all but killed the handwritten thank you note. When … Read More

Five Ways to Add Pizzazz to Your Customer Service

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It’s the little things that add up to make an exceptional experience for your customers. Here are five “little things” you can add to your services to create an exponentially memorable connection with your customers. Generosity   Add a little extra something to the products or services you offer. It could be a piece of chocolate like Hershey’s® Kisses®. Maybe … Read More

Cool Apps: Google Forms

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google forms

Do you ever need to collect information from your customers?  There are many ways to do it: a form in Microsoft Word®, a fillable PDF, and a Web form are all very common.  Less common but slicker than the rest is the option of using Google Forms. You’ll need a Google ID, and most people use their gmail account for … Read More

How Painless Is Your New Customer Experience?

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How Painless Is Your New Customer Experience? Is your business easy to do business with? Or is it difficult? The answer could impact your revenue as well as your reputation for service. Here are a few tips to help you stand in your customer’s shoes for just a few minutes to answer those questions. First Impressions What is the first … Read More