5 Tips on Bringing Home the Bacon

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save for retirement

Whether you call it bacon, Benjamins, or big bucks, cash – and having enough of it – is key to running your business. Here are five tips related to managing and getting the most out of your business cash. 1-    All banks are not the same. Choose your bank wisely, and don’t be afraid to switch if you need to. Banks know they … Read More

5 Pain-free Strategies for Reducing Operating Expenses

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Pain-free strategies

    Approximately 80% of small businesses are break-even businesses. A problem faced by many businesses is that as their revenue grows, so do their expenses. To run a successful business, your revenue must exceed your expenses.   A penny saved is a penny earned. This age-old adage applies both to your personal life and your business.   Help your … Read More

Understanding Payment Terms

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understanding payment terms

Each invoice you send should have payment terms listed.  A payment term is the period of time you expect the invoice to be paid by the customer.  Your payment terms should be set by you, not your customers! If there is a period of time between when your customers receive your goods or services and when they pay for them, … Read More