Five Numbers You Should Know About Your 2016 Performance

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performance numbers

Before we get too far into 2017, let’s take a look back at 2016 results and five meaningful numbers you may want to discover about your business’s performance.  To start, grab your 2016 income statement, or better yet, give us a call to help you compute and interpret your results. Revenue per Employee This number measures a company’s productivity with … Read More

Understanding Payment Terms

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understanding payment terms

Each invoice you send should have payment terms listed.  A payment term is the period of time you expect the invoice to be paid by the customer.  Your payment terms should be set by you, not your customers! If there is a period of time between when your customers receive your goods or services and when they pay for them, … Read More

Positive Pay

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positive pay

Positive pay is a service offered by banks that is designed to reduce fraudulent check-cashing against your account.  If you are writing checks on your bank account (as opposed to using ACH transactions), then the positive pay service, which usually has an extra charge, may be beneficial. When you activate this service, you must send a file of checks that … Read More

Tax Time, Ready or Not

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tax time

It’s always a huge relief to many people who get their taxes done early.  That gray cloud of stress that nags at you to get it over with can be gone in a matter of weeks instead of months.  April is right around the corner.  Here are a few tips to cross that task off your to-do list way before … Read More

The New I-9 Form

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new I-9 form

The I-9 form is used for employment eligibility when hiring new employees.  It is one of many forms that need to be completed when you onboard a new employee. Effective Tuesday, January 17, 2017, the new I-9 form, which is dated 11/14/2016, must be used. Here is a summary of the changes Section 1 asks for “other last names used” … Read More

The True Cost of Procrastination

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procrastination and productivity

Today we have a guest blog post from Lisa Crilley Mallis, Impactive Strategies, LLC I have been reading The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey and I LOVE this book. One of the experts he quoted was Tim Pychyl, who said, “Everyone procrastinates.” For the sake of this post, I’m defining procrastination as NOT doing the task you’ve set out to do, the one you’ve … Read More

Start the New Year with a 2017 Profit Plan

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With the new year, most of us are planning for an amazing year. Are you ready for 2017 to be even better than 2016?  If so, take a few minutes to reflect on the questions below and take action to set your 2017 profit plan. Question 1:  What were the three best business things about 2016? No need to re-invent … Read More

Five Money-Saving Things to Do Before Ringing Out 2016

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money saving

Hopefully you’re having a wonderful December with all of the holidays and parties this month.  And if you’ve spent too much on gifts and decorations, never fear.  Here are six ways to save money on your accounting and taxes.  But hurry, you only have until year-end to cash in a few of these tips. 1. Check your profits After adjustments, … Read More

Cool Apps: Google Forms

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google forms

Do you ever need to collect information from your customers?  There are many ways to do it: a form in Microsoft Word®, a fillable PDF, and a Web form are all very common.  Less common but slicker than the rest is the option of using Google Forms. You’ll need a Google ID, and most people use their gmail account for … Read More