The Perfect Chart of Accounts for Your Business

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chart of accounts

Your “Chart of Accounts” is the list of accounts in your accounting software.  The accounts are listed in your reports, and the totals allow you to determine how much you’ve spent, made, own, or owe depending on the type of account. It’s essential to create a list of accounts that you need in order to make better business decisions.  Your … Read More

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

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protect against identity theft

The security breach at Equifax a few months ago left many people thinking once again about identity theft. The best thing is to do everything you can to prevent it from happening to you. Here are a few tips to help you reduce your risk of being a victim of identity theft as well as how to reduce the damage … Read More

Browser Productivity Tips You May Not Know

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browser productivity tips

If you spend a lot of time online using a web browser to view web sites or to work in online applications, then you may benefit from knowing these wonderful features about your browser software.  Here are some browser productivity tips. Bookmarks All browsers support bookmarks, and hopefully you are already using this powerful feature. Which web pages do you need … Read More

How to Beat Procrastination

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how to beat procrastination

Would you call yourself a procrastinator?  If so, you’re not alone, and with our to-do-lists growing daily, the percentage of people who procrastinate chronically has increased over the last few decades. There’s a difference between procrastinating and prioritizing.  Great entrepreneurs know how to put the most important tasks first. There’s also a difference between procrastinating and being overloaded with tasks; … Read More

Is It Profitable to Blog?

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blog wordpress marketing

One of the many online marketing options available for businesses is blogging. A blog can act as a company’s daily newspaper, letting customers and followers know the latest news about what’s happening. It can also be a wonderful revenue-generator. As long as the content of your blog is relevant to your readers, you can post on a wide variety of … Read More

5 Ways to Increase Revenue from Existing Clients

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    Are you looking to grow your business? Traditionally, there are two ways a business can grow:   Find new clients Increase revenue from existing clients   Many businesses put all their time and effort into finding new customers while neglecting the massive potential of leveraging their existing customer base.   Today, I’d like to focus in on how … Read More

Cool Apps: Amazon Echo

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amazon icon echo

Did you ever want a secretary that could answer questions all day?  Amazon’s Echo product can’t fetch coffee.  However, Echo can perform all sorts of digital tasks that come up in daily life at work and at home. The Echo Dot looks like a small speaker that sits on your desk or table or in your car and it’s enabled … Read More

5 Pain-free Strategies for Reducing Operating Expenses

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Pain-free strategies

    Approximately 80% of small businesses are break-even businesses. A problem faced by many businesses is that as their revenue grows, so do their expenses. To run a successful business, your revenue must exceed your expenses.   A penny saved is a penny earned. This age-old adage applies both to your personal life and your business.   Help your … Read More

Could Your Business Survive a Disaster?

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business disaster planning

As business owners, we want to remain optimistic about our business’s future.  But life can happen, and we need to be prepared.  A good business owner thinks about all the risks to their business and has a plan in place to reduce or eliminate them.  In 2017, we’ve already had floods in the Midwest and California, a healthy dose of … Read More